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Anastasia - Clear Favorites Full-Sized & Mini Brow Duo

Anastasia - Clear Favorites Full-Sized & Mini Brow Duo

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Product Details 

Soaring high and clear above the rest, the Clear Favourites Full-Sized & Mini Brow Duo offers double the hold with a perfect pairing for home use and on-the-go readiness.

Lifting your brows to the high heavens and sculpting them to perfection, this weightless gel formula adheres to every hair and holds them in place without an ounce of stiffness. Fused with soothing chamomile extract and hydrating hyaluronic acid, this innovative formula nourishes, plumps and protects your delicate hairs. Now, you never have to compromise naturally-groomed brows again and how great is that?

How to Use

Apply the gel in short upward strokes, following the direction of hair growth. Perfect for experimenting with this season's 'brushed up' brow looks or for making sure they don't go awry during the day.

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