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amika - Blockade Heat Protectant Serum | 50 mL

amika - Blockade Heat Protectant Serum | 50 mL

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The brainchild of a collective of creatives, hairstylists, chemists and formula enthusiasts, amika’s mantra is “all hair is welcome”. Staying true to their word, the Blockade Heat Defense Serum provides impressive heat protection, while somehow being simultaneously light enough for finer hair types and hydrating enough for thicker ones.

We all know that when things start to steam up, protection is essential... Perfect for all hair types, especially those in need of heat protection and moisture, this glossy serum not only combats the damaging effects of heat tools and blow drying up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit but also helps to prevent moisture loss, banish frizz and grant healthy-looking shine. Committed to creating formulas that fit your values, all amika products are cruelty-free and are held 100% recyclable packaging and made with 90%+ post-consumer recycled plastics to reduce virgin plastic production.

How to Use

Prior to heat styling, apply 1-3 pumps to damp or dry hair.

To finish a style and lock in moisture, apply 1-2 pumps throughout dry hair, focusing on the ends.

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