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amika - Dream Routine Overnight Hydrating Hair Mask | 100 mL

amika - Dream Routine Overnight Hydrating Hair Mask | 100 mL

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Gone are the days of crunchy coils and curls. Why? Well, because you have the Dream Routine Overnight Hydration Treatment starring in your hair care rituals, of course. Drenching your locks with optimal moisture lasting past the buzz of your morning alarm or blurry night out, this moisture-boosting formula is definitely one to have.

Targeting dry, brittle hair of all textures and types, this hyaluronic acid-infused treatment delivers weightless hydration that lasts up to 72 hours and even through four wash days! Taking a skin care approach to hair care, this bottle is brimming with polyglutamic acid famed for moisture-retention, blue-green algae loaded with natural fatty acids and bio-fermented coconut water packed with heavenly hydration — what’s not to love? There’s no need to rinse, jump pump away and feel your split ends grow stronger with every dollop. Pssst — no, this won’t stain your satin pillowcase either, result!



Comb through hair. Pump one to four times into hands depending on hair length and thickness. For fine or thin hair, use one to two pumps. For medium or shoulder length hair, use two to three pumps. For thick or curly hair, use three to four pumps.

Apply to dry or damp hair before bedtime.

Distribute from mid-lengths to end—you‘re ready for your beauty sleep.

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