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Made specially for use with the brand's Brow Freeze (which swiftly took the beautysphere by hurtling storm), the dual-ended Brow Freeze Applicator boasts a unique spatula on one side with a perfectly-sized spoolie on the other.

When dealing with brow styling wax, the last thing you want is for things to get messy, which is why the Brow Freeze Applicator's metal spatula is so useful. Allowing you to easily scoop out your desired amount (tip: a little goes a long way), use the tool like a palette knife – offloading product onto your palette before going in with your spoolie brush. Giving you complete control over how much product you use and where exactly you use it – reducing the chance of clumping or uneven application – the spoolie end is precise and easy to use, working to lift, tame, shape, sculpt and feather every brow hair and evenly distributing product throughout your arch. This is where the spatula end comes back into its own: you can use it to press down each hair – flattening your look in place for long-lasting and extreme hold – whether your hairs are thick, coarse, curly, downward-growing or sparse. Cue everyone asking: 'Brow on earth do you do it?'

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