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Anastasia’s 5 Piece Eyebrow Stencil Kit features five, transparent eyebrow guides for creating the perfect face-flattering arch. So whether you want to maintain a professional shape or transform your brow-wilderness into eyebrow perfection, there’s a template to complement all face shapes and tastes. With brows very much back on the beauty radar (and showing no signs of relinquishing their spotlight) these pliable plastic stencils are a must-have addition to your make-up arsenal; durable, easy to use and easy to clean, you’ll soon be giving Cara Delevingne a run for her ‘Eyebrow Queen’ crown.

Based on the stencil descriptions, choose the Anastasia stencil that is most suited for your distinct facial features. Using Anastasia Brow Powder and Angled Cut Brush, mark your points A, B and C based on the following: Point A: Straight up from center of nostril, point at which brow should begin Point B: Diagonal from centre of nostril to outer corner of eyes, where brow should end Point C: Diagonal from centre of nostril crossing through the pupil of the eyes, where the arch of the brow should be Align stencil from points A-B. Fill cutout area with Anastasia Brow Powder. Remove stencil and tweeze hair that is outside of the area marked with powder. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth.

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