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Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay - Midnight 42 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Bay - Midnight 42 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

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Featuring all the blues and purples you could ever need, the By BEAUTY BAY Midnight 42 Colour Palette belong in your eyeshadow collection.



Introducing the By BEAUTY BAY Midnight 42 Colour Palette, a 42-shade palette containing all the blues and purples you could ever need. Made with By BEAUTY BAY's iconic blendable, smooth, long-lasting and intensely pigmented formula, each matte and shimmer shade promises to stay put until you decide to remove it. From light lavenders and raspberry purples to shimmery periwinkles and deep sky blues, this palette belongs in your collection.

Palette contains:

Lavender - Violet purple matte
Fancy - Light pink matte
Regal - Lavender shimmer
Sorcery - Lavender matte
Mystic - Light purple shimmer
Dream - Super light purple matte
Voodoo - Deep purple matte
Lilac - Super light violet matte
Sash - Raspberry purple shimmer
1993 - Lilac purple matte
Jellies - Medium purple shimmer
Catch - Light violet matte
Ripple - Dark purple shimmer
Tranquil - Light purple matte
Iris - Deep lilac matte
Rich - Warm purple matte
Electric - Violet shimmer
Periwinkle - Periwinkle matte
Gleam - Periwinkle shimmer
Velvet - Orchid matte
Lollipop - Deep lavender matte
Cursed - Deep blue matte
Ocean - Aqua shimmer
Mist - Light blue matte
Queen- Royal blue shimmer
Bingo - Sky blue matte
Bubbles - Deep aqua shimmer
Sea - Medium blue matte
Sky - Sky blue shimmer
Cerulean - Deep sky matte
Shield - Light blue shimmer
Foam - Super light blue shimmer
Cosmic - Midnight blue shimmer
Denim - Royal blue matte
Elixir - Baby blue matte
Hex - Black matte
Galaxy - Dark blue shimmer
Twilight - Dark blue matte
Steel - Dark silver shimmer
Social - Medium sky-blue matte
Potion - Bright blue shimmer
Midnight - Midnight blue matte


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