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Benefit - The POREfessional Super Setter Steal

Benefit - The POREfessional Super Setter Steal

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Never be without your go-to thanks to this Porefessional Super Setter Steal Duo. Uniting two full sizes, this saver duo will help you lock your make up in place as you blur the appearance of pores.

A featherweight (non-spitty!) spritz that applies and sets swiftly without compromising your handiwork, this keeps your make up immaculate for up to 16 hours. The microfine water-based formula features light-scattering powders to lend a ‘soft focus’ effect, while the spray visibly cuts shine while helping to boost moisture levels so skin appears beautifully ‘mewy’ and plump. Alcohol-free (so non-drying), the mess-free applicator dispenses an even cloud with no large droplets, to render your make up waterproof, smudge-proof and fine lines and pores far less visible.

  • 2 x 120ml
How to Use

After priming and applying make up, shake well and hold 8” from face. Mist evenly all over.

Mist in the morning to lock on make up, then reapply during the day for a refreshing boost!

Warning: Keep out of eyes. Close eyes before misting.

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