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BYOMA - Hydrating Serum | 30 mL

BYOMA - Hydrating Serum | 30 mL

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Product Details

This ultra-lightweight, moisture boosting serum enriched with hydrating heroes gives your skin the tall glass of water you never knew you needed! Transform your visage into a true vision of glowy and bouncy skin — we guess it’s true what they say: good things do come in small packages. A saying even more true when you replenish your stock with a refill instead of chucking out your colourful packaging.

Though small, it’s definitely mighty! Formulated with a unique barrier boosting tri-ceramide complex of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids that marry well with the powerhouse pairing of sqaulane and glycerin, your skin is left feeling replenished and renewed. A brightly packaged bottle with an endless supply of skin-loving goodies that’ll surely stand out in your bathroom cabinet. Kiss redness, dryness and flakiness goodbye and trade that in for kissable skin that’s happier, healthier and most of all — hydrated.

How to Use

Apply 4-6 drops to cleansed skin, gently pressing until fully absorbed. Use on damp skin for optimum hydration. For drier skin, double the drops. Follow with moisturiser to seal in the hydration. Once you run out, replenish your stock with a refill pod.

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