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Color Wow

Color Wow - Smooth Party Hair Kit

Color Wow - Smooth Party Hair Kit

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Features our most iconic award-winners for expensive-looking glam

Delivers silky, smooth texture and an otherworldly shine

Dream Coat provides water-resistant, humidity-proof styles no matter the weather; lasts through 3 washes

Color Security Shampoo (2.5 fl oz)
100% clean, sulfate-free shampoo has no “stay-behind” ingredients that weigh hair down, dull color or worst of all, block hair growth.

Money Masque (1.7 fl oz)
Celebrity Stylist Chris Appleton’s 1-step-prep for luxe, super healthy hair. Deep hydrating hair treatment for all hair types.

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray (6.7 fl oz)
Humidity-blocking, anti-frizz treatment spray is the ultimate “foundation” to guarantee smooth, silky, glossy style that’s moisture-resistant (weather-proof!) AND stays frizz-free for days.

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