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Dr. Jart+

Dr.Jart+ - Ceramidin Moisture Cheer Set

Dr.Jart+ - Ceramidin Moisture Cheer Set

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Give the gift of hydrated, happy skin with Dr.Jart’s Ceramidin Moisture Cheer Set. For those who have gone a little heavy-handed on the exfoliating actives or are constantly plagued by uncomfortable, dry skin, the Ceramidin Cream and Mist deliver intense moisture to bring about immediate relief.

  • Mist: 50ml / Moisturiser: 15ml

A supercharged pick-me-up for dry and flaky skin, the Ceramidin Cream Mist (50ml) bestows a wealth of lasting hydration from the very first spritz. Empowered by a complex of five (!) ceramides (nourishing components essential for your skin’s protective layer), this mist encourages healthy, comfortable hydration and the repair of damaged skin. Giving a bounce boost to tight, dry skin, the cult favourite Ceramidin Cream (15ml) delves deep into your dermal layer to deliver intense moisture, while strengthening and protecting your skin. The rich-textured cream is effortlessly absorbed by your skin for immediate hydration. To soothe and restore the irritation and uncomfortable roughness that comes from a depleted skin barrier, this cream also calls upon bidifida ferment lysate, beetroot and hyaluronic acid to impart added intense moisture. The result? Comfortable and hydrated skin that looks and feels more flexible… this set certainly has our name all over it!

How to Use

Ceramidin™ Cream:Apply evenly to your entire face morning and night to keep skin looking healthy and hydrated.

Ceramidin™ Mist:Close eyes and spray over entire face when you need a moisturising boost. You can also use it as a toner after cleansing. Avoid contact with eyes.

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