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FRESH - Exclusive Cleanse and Smooth Skincare Duo

FRESH - Exclusive Cleanse and Smooth Skincare Duo

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Prepare to take off the day (and night) and reveal a radiant complexion with two of fresh's most sought after formulations. The Soy Face Cleanser and Komucha Facial Treatment Essence are ready and waiting to transform your skin...

  • 2 x 50ml

A beautiful formula that gently and effectively lifts away make up and impurities while balancing and nourishing your skin, the Soy Face Cleanser is pH-balanced and won't strip away essential moisture. Infused with soy proteins - rich in amino acids that help to maintain a healthy visage - calming cucumber extract, nourishing borage seed oil and balancing rosewater, your skin will breathe a *sigh* of relief after a one-on-one with this. Leaving even sensitive skin soothed and toned, this is hard not to fall fresh-faced head (*wink wink*) over heels for. The potent youth-preserving Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence provides daily antioxidant and anti-pollution protection. Boosted with hyaluronic acid which attracts and maintains moisture levels; kigelia africana fruit extract helps to smooth; and mandarin peel extract refines. The result? A beautifully balanced complexion, boosted in resilience and vitality. Simply pat this into your skin after cleansing during both morning and evening to reap its magical rewards. (You're welcome).

How to use:

Soy Face Cleanser:Wet the skin and massage over the face and eyes, then rinse. Use daily, morning and night.

Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence:Gently sweep over cleansed face and neck with your fingertips. Use twice daily to prep skin for your serum and moisturiser.

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