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Gisou - Honey Infused Beauty Balm | 50 mL

Gisou - Honey Infused Beauty Balm | 50 mL

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A never-before-seen Oil-Balm blend that melts like honey and absorbs like an oil for instantly smooth, supple skin supercharged with 99% natural ingredients. Inspired by the symbiosis of the decadent melting honey and our Mirsalehi Bee Garden, this gentle, fast-absorbing multitasking complexion hero is packed with a botanical-rich active blend, a highly-concentrated proprietary Mirsalehi Bee Garden Oil Blend and our signature Mirsalehi Honey- a non-sticky powerhouse combo that absorbs into the skin to instantly transform and enhance skin, revealing a softer, smoother, more supple complexion.

Unlike conventional petroleum based balms, ours is rich, soft to the touch and will immediately melt like honey when rubbed into skin and absorbs like oil, for efficacious results. 

At Gisou we believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin. The Honey Infused Beauty Balm is here to tackle problem skin areas to strengthen, protect and hydrate the skin and its barrier while also enhancing your natural beauty by brightening and smoothing.

Skin Concerns

Suitable for sensitive skin. 99% natural. Contains a subtle, skin-friendly fragrance.


  • Apply locally to dry, chapped skin to instantly soothe and protect.
  • Dab onto cheekbones, eyelids or the bridge of your nose to leave behind a subtle glow.
  • Run a bead-sized amount through your hair to tame flyaways, or swipe onto brows to fluff and shape into place
  • Discover the endless uses to maintain your natural, honey infused glow.
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