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Hair Burst

HairBurst - Chewable Hair Vitamins

HairBurst - Chewable Hair Vitamins

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Product Details

Scientifically developed with certified, industry leading manufacturers, to deliver all the key ingredients to encourage longer healthier hair. Taking these vitamins ensures you can combat the daily disruptive factors which can affect your hair growth cycle and it’s growth phase

The Benefits

  • Contains Biotin, Selenium and Zinc; essential ingredients for maintenance of healthy hair growth
  • Visibly improves fine or thinning hair, prevents breakage and encourages stubborn hair to grow!
  • Perfect for those that struggle to swallow capsules, delicious strawberry and blackcurrant flavor with a low sugar content

Key Ingredients

An essential vitamin required by the body, a deficiency in this ‘B vitamin' can lead to thinning hair. Biotin helps to maintain healthy hair.
An essential mineral, Zinc plays an important role in cell growth and repair, including those in your hair. It also keeps the oil glands around the hair follicles working correctly. Deficiency in Zinc can lead to thinning hair.
An antioxidant that plays a role in maintaining the metabolic functions of the body. Getting enough selenium is important to maintain and improve healthier hair and prevent hair loss.

How to use

A vitamin worth taking every day! Chew two gummies once a day. We recommend taking alongside breakfast.

Some customers see results in as little as two weeks, although we recommend taking the vitamins for at least 90 days before assessing results, as by this time your hair growth will have stabilised and this is when your hair is growing at the optimum rate.

We love hearing from our Hairburst community,  don't forget to take progress pictures to monitor your own hair growth journey.

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