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Hair Burst

HairBurst - Shampoo for Longer Stronger Hair | 350 mL

HairBurst - Shampoo for Longer Stronger Hair | 350 mL

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Product Details

The shampoo helps prevent shedding and hair loss in the shower, whilst thoroughly cleansing hair and scalp to create an optimum environment for better hair growth.

The Benefits

  • Visibly thicker and healthier hair
  • Increase hair strength with reduced breakage
  • Improvements in shine, density, manageability and softness
  • Suitable for daily use.

How to use

We recommend using regularly for best results! Massage a small amount into wet hair, lather and then rinse. Top tip, by brushing your hair before taking a shower will help undo any tangles and make the washing process easier, this also reduces breakage! Follow with our hair growth conditioner for optimal results.

How does it work

Formulated with panthenol to thicken strands and hydrolyzed wheat proteins to reduce breakage, your hair will be left feeling long, strong, and thicker. 


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