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Create a stunning curl that lasts throughout the day with the Hourglass Lash Curler, a makeup tool for enhancing the eyes.


These ergonomically designed curlers feel comfortable in the hand and are simple to adjust once in use. As they can be reliably controlled, reaching the lash line is effortless, as is curling each individual lash without pulling. The opening of these curlers is especially generous, which means they are suitable for eyes of all sizes and lashes of any length. The soft silicone pad gently presses on the lashes to prevent damage.


Always use the Hourglass Lash Curler before applying any product. Start by getting it into position near the lash line, then press down with care.


  • Ideal for enhancing the lashes
  • Soft silicone lash pad should be replaced every three months
  • Includes a replacement pad
  • Free from latex
  • Not tested on animals
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