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Make Up For Ever

MAKE UP FOR EVER - So Divine - Creamy facial cleanser | 150 mL

MAKE UP FOR EVER - So Divine - Creamy facial cleanser | 150 mL

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Product Details

Formulation: Cream

What it is:

So Divine is a mineral relaxing cream which cleanses impurities and removes all types of make up, including waterproof formulas. So Divine soothes and comforts dry and delicate skin.

What it does:

It enhances the skin's softness and elasticity with its moisturizing, soothing, softening and regenerative active ingredients. Applied to the face with the fingertips, it can be massaged in to relax the features and to allow the face to benefit from the formula's active ingredients.

How to use

Apply the cream with the fingertips, massaging it in a circular movement from the bottom of the face upwards.
Saturate a cotton pad with water or Cool Lotion and remove excess cream.
Do not use cotton pads on highly sensitive skins as these can irritate the skin – use a make up removal sponge (Vegetal Sponge) instead.

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