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Heading to distant shores? Get away with the Get-A-OUAI Kit. This travel-ready trio includes the unrivalled Detox Shampoo, Scalp and Body Scrub and Hair Oil to bring a little purifying TLC and enviable shine to your scalp and strands.

Dandruff, flakes and residue ruining your holiday mane? Let the Detox Shampoo handle it. Starring apple cider vinegar, it's crammed with hard-working chelating agents which help to remove the stubborn hard water deposits and impurities that sit in our strands, all while exfoliating and caring for your scalp too. Combine this with the brand's gloss-giving Hair Oil and deep-cleansing, foaming Scalp and Body Scrub, your locks will look fresh from the salon, not the beach. Now to book your flight...


Detox Shampoo (89ml)

Scalp and Body Scrub in 'St Barts' (96.4g)

Hair Oil (13ml)

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