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r.e.m. Beauty - Space Shape Brow Gel

r.e.m. Beauty - Space Shape Brow Gel

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swipe on a natural-looking, laminated brow appearance that lifts, thickens & sets in seconds—without the crunch or stickiness. our innovative cloudlet wand does all the things: the flocked side picks up the perfect amount of product for precise application and seamless tail shaping, while the comb side tames and styles for face-framing definition. the firm yet flexible lightweight formula dries down to a long-lasting hold that goes from soft and feathery to dramatic and bold.


use flocked side of applicator to load formula onto the brow, pushing upwards from front to tail. then, use the brush side to shape and comb through brows as desired. can be used to create a fluffy, windswept brow or laminated brow look.


for a laminated look, brush brow gel back and forth into brows (both directions) to fully coat each hair, then comb up into place. push down with fingers so brow hairs are flat on your skin. allow to dry and follow up with space shape brow pencil.


can be used alone for a no-makeup makeup look or with our brow pencil.

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