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r.e.m. Beauty - Utmost Importance Plumping Lip Gloss | XL

r.e.m. Beauty - Utmost Importance Plumping Lip Gloss | XL

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so extra! jumbo size of the bestselling plumping lip gloss includes 50% more formula. amplify lips with an ultra-glossy, clear-as-glass formula that glides on comfortably, without feeling sticky or tacky. super sensorial plumping actives spark a warm, tingling sensation while hydrating fruit oils soften and nourish. powered by exclusive technology, our cushiony jelly-gloss texture optically smooths and reshapes lips—pairing a subtle vanilla scent with not-so-subtle plumping effects. wear alone for a pillowy wet look or layer over lipstick for maximum impact.


for a light, smooth glossy sheen, apply the gloss on the middle of your bottom lip only, then rub your lips together. to turn up the shine, apply a full sweep of gloss to the bottom lip and press your lips together.


to elevate your lip look, apply lipstick and lip liner, then dab just a bit of gloss on the center of your bottom lip. press your lips together.

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