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A limited-edition sheet mask set that contains 18 masks and two packs of cleansing wipes to pamper your face, nose, eyes, hands, feet, and hair this holiday season.

Skin Type: Normal and Dry

Skincare Concerns: Dryness

What Else You Need to Know: This box of skincare sheet mask contains 18 masks and two cleansing wipes formulated with more than 91 percent from natural ingredients. It is the perfect present for any skincare enthusiast. Its super pampering and colorful contents are bound to please. The packaging is made of cardboard produced from sustainably managed forests.

This Set Contains:
- Charcoal Nose Strip
- Aloe Cleansing Wipes
- Coconut Cleansing Wipes
- Coconut Face Mask
- Watermelon Face Mask
- Lychee Face Mask
- Matcha Face Mask
- Blueberry Face Mask
- Lemon Face Mask
- Mango Hand Masks
- Cucumber Hand Masks
- Coconut Foot Masks
- Cactus Foot Masks
- Cucumber Eye Masks
- Pomegranate Eye Masks
- Caffeine Eye Masks
- Papaya Vitamin Eye Masks
- Aloe Vera Vitamin Eye Masks
- Coconut Overnight Hair Mask
- Mango Overnight Hair Mask

Suggested Usage:
Charcoal Nose Strip:
-Use twice a week.
-Remove makeup and clean nose.
-Do not dry completely, leave skin damp.
-Remove the transparent, protective film.
-Apply the strip onto slightly damp nose skin with the shiny side against the skin.
-Leave it on for 10 minutes.
-Peel the strip off.

Cleansing Wipe:
-Twice a day, wipe your face and eyes with a cleansing wipe to remove all traces of makeup.
-If necessary, focus on the areas with heavy makeup, such as lips and eyelashes.
-Do not rinse after use.
-Dispose of the wipe.
-Make sure you properly close the top of the pack after use.

Eye Masks:
-Remove one protective film.
-Place the patch under the eye.
-Remove the two other films and place the second patch.
-Leave on for five minutes, then remove and massage any excess product into the skin.
-No need to rinse.

Face Masks:
-Unfold the sheet mask.
-Apply mask to clean, dry skin.
-Leave the sheet mask on the face for ten minutes before removing.
-No need to rinse.
-Avoid contact with eyes.
-Use twice weekly.
-Tip: Massage in any remaining serum using the SEPHORA COLLECTION Rose Quartz Facial Roller (sold separately).
-The pouch is made with 16 percent recycled plastic and can be recycled.
-The sheet mask is compostable.

Hand Masks:
-Use twice a week.
-Put gloves on clean, dry hands.
-Peel the paper-film off the tab, fold around the wrist to close well.
-Leave on for 15 minutes.
-Gently massage any excess product into the skin. No need to rinse.

Foot Masks:
-Use twice a week.
-Peel the paper film off the tab, fold around the ankle, and press well to close.
-Leave them on for 20 minutes.
-Gently massage any excess product into skin.
-No need to rinse.
Precaution: Be careful not to slip, avoid walking with the masks on, and massage excess product after use.

Hair Masks:
-Use twice a week.
-Before bed, apply the cream hair mask all over dry hair, focusing on ends.
-Place cap over hair and let it work overnight.
-In the morning, rinse well and wash if necessary.

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