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The Inkey List

The Inkey List - Chia Seed Curl Defining hair treatment | 50 mL

The Inkey List - Chia Seed Curl Defining hair treatment | 50 mL

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A weightless cream which helps define, nourish and protect curls. Curly hair has more bonds of an amino acid called cysteine: the more bonds between hair, the curlier the hair is. We have developed a unique product that helps define and prolong curls' bounce and their natural shape by targeting the hair bonds, whilst providing hydration too. This weightless serum has been formulated to also help reduce, protect and strengthen hair against chemical damage and tame frizz. 

All types of waves, kinks, coils & curls. 

2% PROCUTIGEN® BOND*: Helps hair retain style whilst protecting against chemical damage 
1% MIRUSTYLE™ CP: Helps to give curls longevity, tame frizz and keep curls bouncy and full 
0.5% PHYTANTRIOL: Helps to reduce signs of hair damage ProCutiGen® Bond is a trademark of Active Concepts and used with permission MiruStyle™ CP is a trademark of Croda and is used with permission derivatives and is alcohol and fragrance free.

Suitable for ALL

When to apply Post wash

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