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TRULY - Acai Your Boobies Bath Bar

TRULY - Acai Your Boobies Bath Bar

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The newest member of the Acai Your Boobies fam! Perk up your pair with this luxuriously lathery, bust-firming bath bar infused with elasticity-restoring retinol, free radical fighting acai + brightening antioxidants. It buffs away boob breakouts, body odor, and stretch marks while giving your tatas a tighter, firmer appearance. You’ll smell just like freshly picked berries after sudsing up with this supercharged bath!

What it Targets:

Tightens - Gives your chest a firmer, more lifted appearance.

Treats Boob Breakouts - Unclogs hair follicles for blemish-free boobs.

Softens Stretch Marks - Refines skin’s texture for a smoother chest.


Essential Ingredients:

Retinol 🔥

This vitamin A derivative has been clinically proven to enhance collagen production, increase skin’s elasticity, and speed cell turnover. In doing so, it can minimize the appearance of fine lines, even out discoloration, reverse skin sagging, and brighten skin tone.


Acai berries are loaded with antioxidant properties, which makes them effective at fighting free radicals and delaying signs of aging. These powerful little berries can also repair damaged skin and replenish lost moisture for smooth, glowing skin.

How to Use:
In the shower or bath, work the bath into a lather and gently massage it into your chest and boobies. Rinse, and follow up with polish, serum, and butter from the bath's corresponding line.
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