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Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret - Comforting Vanilla Body Scrub | 283 g

Victoria's Secret - Comforting Vanilla Body Scrub | 283 g

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Comforting Vanilla Body Scrub 



Love vanilla? Then look no further. This fluffy body scrub exfoliates skin, comforts the senses, and is perfectly scented with your favorite fragrance. Made with Vanilla Bean Extract, Coconut Oil, and Sugar Crystals. 

1% for the planet 

1% of the proceeds from purchases of the 2023 PINK Beauty Collection goes to 1% of the Planet in support of environmental causes and non-profits. 

Vanilla Bean Extract

Comforts skin and senses with its sweet, nostalgic scent. 

Coconut Oil 

Made up of mega-softening fatty acids this is one of nature’s most powerful ingredients​.

Sugar Crystals

Acts as a natural, physical skin exfoliant to help revitalize skin. 

Dermatologist Approved

A thoroughly tested and trusted formula.

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