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Wishful - Eye Lift & Contour Mask | 1 Pair

Wishful - Eye Lift & Contour Mask | 1 Pair

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Don't want sleepless nights to snitch on you> Trust Wishful's Eye Lift & Contour Double Peptide Hydrogel Mask to put tired eyes to bed.

Inspired by the Chin-Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask that went viral in 2021, this innovative release is made from the same sculpting fabric and cooling active-infused hydrogel. The serum-soaked masks are laced with nature's finest extracts: calanthe orchid has a lifting effect that rejuvenates sleepy looking eyes; nutrient-rich sweet almond oil reduces puffiness and under-eye circles while improving complexion and skin tone; rose lends the blend its abundance of vitamin C and vitamin E to help stimulate collagen and hydrate tired, dull, and dry skin; last but not least, haloxyl peptides counter dark circles, puffiness and fine lines by plumping and firming the skin, as well as enhancing your skin's elasticity. You don't want to sleep on this skin care staple...

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